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The Internet has become the threat vector of choice for hackers and cybercriminals to distribute malware and perpetrate identity theft, financial fraud and corporate espionage. Providing a safe Web experience requires protection in three distinct dimensions:

  • People: The person on the other side of a Web transaction
  • Places: The Web sites that are visited
  • Things: The objects that are downloaded

The Shifting Threat

Huge volumes of spam and malware testify to the intent of hackers to exploit end-users. The two main on-line activities of users are checking email and surfing the Web. In response to the significant advances in email security technologies over the last 10 years, attackers are now expanding their efforts to compromising users while they surf the Web. Increasingly common are blended threats that incorporate malicious URLs in email. While many of the "Web security products" available today were designed when the Web was a safer environment, WebDefender is specifically designed to detect and repel the latest malicious methods.

Malicious People: Block The Bad Actors

WebDefender helps by monitoring and building reputation information for online identities. This intelligence, which can also be used to understand a specific individual's online background, is useful in several scenarios. For example, it can help on-line users make safer decisions about how to interact with others in commerce, collaboration and communication.

Malicious Places: Comply With Policy

Traditional URL filtering is based on tedious human efforts to classify Web site content. With more than 100,000 new domains registered each day, such approaches cannot keep-up. The result is that traditional URL Filtering solutions tout databases that are only a fraction of all URLs available on the Web and that may not encompass the relevant Web – i.e., the portion of the Internet that users actually visit. WebDefender 's Web Reputation feature focuses on closing this gap by building intelligence on the 'long tail' of the Web — the hundreds of millions of sites that users actually visit on a daily basis.

Malicious Things: Detect Before Delivery

Traditional anti-virus and object-scanning anti-malware tools are designed to analyse a downloaded file, such as an executable. While helpful, these tools do not provide adequate visibility into the browser-based attacks that take advantage of the increased server-to-browser interaction that is central to the Web 2.0 applications that are now a part of everyday on-line life.

WebDefender 's "sandbox" deals with these new threats by analysing how a site is attempting to interact with the browser and blocking suspicious activity, before serving pages to the user.

Two Solutions

WebDefender is composed of two services, which can be purchased separately or as a bundle:

  • URL Filtering: Advanced Web filtering integrates powerful URL filtering analysis with real-time reputation scoring and content analysis. This service is appropriate for customers that are primarily concerned about enforcing an Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Secure Web Gateway. This service provides URL filtering with all of the other capabilities to protect Internet users from the exploits of malicious people, places and things.

Security Software as a Service (SaaS)

WebDefender service is deployed as a hosted solution that sits between a company's network and the Internet to protect on-line users as they surf the Web. As an in-the-cloud service, WebDefender inspects outbound Web traffic for safety and compliance with a company's Acceptable Use Policy, and screens Web site response traffic to avoid malicious programs and untrustworthy users.

Easy To Manage

Our technical team monitor and manage the service using a simple Web-based management application that provides a blend of enterprise-calibre defences and usability features, such as directory integration for group or individual policies, pre-defined security policies, and a wealth of reports on effectiveness, compliance and usage.

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